Guest Articles

Missouri - The Show Me Life State

A Pro-Life Success Story
June 29, 2020

By Pamela Fichter

Missouri has been a leader in the battle to restore the right to life of innocent unborn children. Through the combined efforts of various groups - each with a different focus but united in their mission - Missouri may soon become the first state without an...Read more

Indifference: A Catholic Analysis

May 29, 2020

By Leonard Wathen

As someone who works in the field of Catholic faith formation, I spend a great deal of time pondering how we as Catholics can best live out our mission in the world today. Reflecting upon Scripture and Catholic tradition, I often find myself trying to identify...Read more

SSPX Admits Abuse

May 26, 2020

By Christine Niles

PLATTE CITY, Mo. ( - In a historic first, the U.S. district of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is establishing an independent review board to review allegations of sex abuse committed by its clergy, following Church Militant's groundbreaking documentary exposing decades of abuse and...Read more

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