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Paul Nelson's book is a timely reminder to Christians all over the world that the faith was founded by God Himself, that because Our Lord is the Truth, there can be no contradiction in Him or His teachings, and because of this, we are all called to be one in Christ.

Since Christianity has been divided along theological, philosophical, and understandings of hierarchy and authority, it is imperative that those divisions are healed by clear demarcations of the Truth.

During this time of great confusion and uncertainty, Nelson draws on his own personal experience to provide a clear and succinct path for those whose faith is wavering and to draw in those who are away from the Church.

Michael Hichborn

Christians Must Reunite

Now is the Time

By: Paul A Nelson

We live in a secular culture where, unbelievably, speaking the truth is politically incorrect.

Political philosophies now govern the thinking of people, many in direct contradiction to what the Church teaches. Christianity is being minimized more every day, and perverse ideas regarding marriage, gender, mercy, and other things are becoming normalized and accepted.

There is a tremendous need today for clarity and truth. We cannot each have our own "truth," as many seem to think. Christ is the Truth, and His Church is the Truth, and the Bible is the Truth.

Within "Christians Must Reunite," you will find clear, concise, and accurate teaching. If you are seeking the truth, you will find theologically correct, to-the-point, and loving words on these pages. It's time to stop dancing around the issues.

Take the eye-opening journey through this short work of love. You won't be disappointed.

Patron Saint:  St. Athanasius the Great (Bishop of Alexandria)

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