My Mission

My mission with this website and the books I write is to impress upon Catholics, and indeed all Christians, the fact that we must all study and learn the actual teachings of the Church founded by Jesus Christ himself.

My first book, “Christians Must Reunite; Now is the Time,” gives people of faith clear explanations of Church teachings. In the last half century, these important tenets of the faith have been watered down and, in many cases, skipped over altogether when “catechizing” people who deserve the truth. Many parishes now offer programs to lay Catholics that are presented from a Protestant perspective, which leads them in the wrong direction and causes confusion.

All of this has led to the situation we suffer from in the Church: Most Catholics don’t know their faith, but they are oblivious to that fact. It’s time for Catholic laypersons to take the time to get to know their Church more intimately and in more detail. On this website, I have added resources containing Catholic content that will lead you in the right direction and present to you genuine Catholic truth.

At a time when the Church has several crises going on, including sexual abuse, terrible financial scandals, bishops advocating heresy, and priests traveling the world saying homosexuality, transgenderism, and same-sex marriage should be accepted, it is time for the laity to engage in the battle — a battle for our very souls — and keep abreast of what is happening, so that we can step into the breach and help straighten things out.

We are called to be disciples of Christ, and this is my attempt to help you with that.