Defending Father James Altman

Where Are Our Shepherds?

By Paul A. Nelson

Three years ago, I attended the yearly Marian Catechist Consecration Weekend conference.  Cardinal Burke, our International Director, speaks a few times to the Marian Catechists, and he celebrates daily mass.  It's a three-day event.  His Eminence always invites other good, solid Catholic priests to give presentations.

One of the priests who spoke to the large group was Father James Altman, who is pastor of St. James the Less Catholic parish in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Father Altman had my rapt attention from the beginning.  He exuded holiness in his manner of speaking, and you could have heard a pin drop in the conference room as he discussed the faith.  When he finished, we all looked at each other nodding in complete affirmation of his teaching, and the clapping lasted longer than usual.  It was apparent to all of us that this priest was special and rare in today's church.

This leads me to a situation that is ongoing in La Crosse, and which is spreading across the country like wildfire regarding a homily given by Father Altman.  He had the audacity to speak clear, unvarnished truth, for which he is being castigated by his own bishop and many others in the country.

You see, Father called out the Church hierarchy for not teaching truth to the laity -- which is their main purpose.  He also called out priests such as Father James Martin, who travels the world promoting homosexuality and other heresies and remains untouched by our bishops.  

Pulling no punches, Father Altman made the statement that one cannot be Catholic and vote democrat.  Boy, that one really upset the apple cart.  He stated that the democrat party is against everything that the Catholic Church stands for -- the biggest one being the pro-life stance, but there are many more I could mention.  

Let me ask:  If you are Catholic, do you believe abortion is acceptable?  Do you favor Marxism and socialism?  Is breaking border laws fine with you, when honest and law-abiding immigrants are coming here legally?  Is the constant lying, hate, destruction of property, and fear-mongering by the left acceptable to you?  Well, if so, Father Altman is absolutely correct that you are NOT CATHOLIC!  If you think you are, you are kidding yourself -- but you are not kidding Our Lord.  

In my humble opinion, if the democrat party is your chosen path, be honest with yourself and leave the Church for one that will support you in your heresy.  Alternatively, you can choose to accept ALL of the Church's teachings, as we are called to do, and vote accordingly.

Now, is President Donald Trump a perfect man?  Not at all.  I would prefer that he show some humility; a humble man is easier to like.  I don't like his name-calling tactics either.  Some of the things he has done in the past are unacceptable, too.  

Having said all that, I believe that Trump was chosen by God at this particular time in history.  Could that be possible considering all of his faults?  Well, I ask you to take a look at St. Paul, who was a persecutor and killer of Christians in his day.  If Christ can use a man like that for good, he can certainly do so with President Trump.  I'm certainly not saying Trump is a saint or anything, but I ask you to take a look at the results he has achieved.

Before COVID-19 arrived, in three years, the president was able to become the most pro-life president this country has ever had.  Unemployment in the U.S. reached an all-time low, especially among women, Latinos, and blacks.  He established Opportunity Zones in poor areas of many cities.  He virtually stopped illegal immigration (again, a crime), thereby helping legal immigrants and lowering overall crime.  He got this country out of terrible trade deals that took advantage of our farmers and businesses.  He forced other countries in the U.N. to pay their fair share, easing the burden on American taxpayers.  He dealt severe blows to and virtually obliterated ISIS and the Taliban -- and on and on and on.

How any reasonable and intelligent person can deny these things is a mystery to me. Yet, I talk to many so-called Catholics who support Joe Biden and other democrats.  Why?  They don't like Trump's personality?  I say, as Father Altman is trying to say, SO WHAT!  If you don't want to call yourself a republican, fine; just say "I vote Catholic."  Vote for what the true Church stands for, or face the consequences some day.  Period.

God bless you all!




May 18, 2021 - 2:16pm

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